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ADEC strives to empower people with a disability from Non-English speaking backgrounds, their carers, and families to fully participate as members of the Victorian community. ADEC is a state-wide organisation.

The advocacy role grew out of a logical conclusion that if ethnic families have the same rights as everyone else, then it was important not to isolate them by failing to promote culturally and linguistically relevant services which would encourage their participation in mainstream or generic services.

To this end, the Constitution states that as its first principle on which the Association is based that:

“The rights of ethnic Australians with disabilities to achieve both individually and collectively full access to human rights as defined by the Declaration of the Rights of Disabled Persons adopted by the United Nationals General Assembly Resolution 3447 on 9 January, 1955”.

ADEC programs were developed on the basis of research facts which showed that ethnic children were not using available services, were diagnosed later, used services less and they and their families were not always aware of services available.


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